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The Boy Who Lost His Face

The Boy Who Lost His Face - Louis Sachar

I had been wanting to read this for a really long time because it was in a most challenged books list, and because of the title. You know, what if the boy did lose his face? That would be some crazy stuff I had to check out. Also, one possibility:



But are there witches in this book after all? Well, answering that would be a spoiler. But it is a nice story, with interesting characters, who are definitely not always nice people, but who, sometimes, still managed to made me root for them. The beginning, with the boys attacking the old lady, is honestly painful to read and I just wanted to throw them all in a dumpster and hug the lady. It never gets as bad as that again. Characters wise, David is rather bland, Larry is kind of an ass, and I loved Mo and Miss Williams, as stereotypical as they may be. Some parts are genuinely hilarious, and I was actually impressed at how a book with such a silly premise was able to get so many relevant points across. I'm still not sure whether I love or hate the very last pages. I guess they lend the story a surreal vibe, if anything. This book was a pretty good surprise, and it made me even more interested in checking out Holes (I am not a 10 year old, I did not just snicker at that) by the same author.