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Time of the Witch

Time of the Witch - Mary Downing Hahn

Ok, first of all...





So, is it safe to say that my love of witches has lead to, based only on title, read this book? Yes, yes it is. I did enjoy it better than the other Mary Downing Hahn book I had read, Wait Till Helen Comes. The main girl is an annoying brat, but she does go through an arc and learns something, in a very The Monkey's Paw-ish fashion. It's got a serious side and some nice lessons for kids, stuff like divorce is not the end of the world, families can come in many different ways, etc. There's also this one character who is a woman who lives happily alone in the mountains and everybody constantly asks her if she's really happy, and if she doesn't feel lonely, and she keeps saying that she is truly happy that way, but I thought it would all lead to her getting a boyfriend in the end or something, but nope! She ends the book living alone in her house, as perfectly fine as ever, and not giving a damn about anybody else's opinion! That was so cool!


The story is very simple, and once that Twyla character is introduced, it's easy to tell exactly what's gonna happen, but the real treat is the atmosphere, and the location, and, yes, the witch, who I did feel sorry for in the beginning, and even in the ending too. Fun little piece of 80's supernatural YA awesomeness.